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About Todd Graham

Church Leader. Communicator. Husband. Father.

I’m Todd Graham. Nice to meet You!

I’m a speaker, writer, and a collaborator with Married People, the marriage division Orange, and a certified trainer & speaker with the HomeWord organization, which helps to empower parents and kids

Prior to this fantastical escapade, I have served as a police officer, firefighter, and as a family pastor in the metro Atlanta area for most of my adult life.

I have been married to Trina Graham for over 20 years. We have three hilarious children. Just like you, we spend most of our time just trying to keep up with the day to day while still making the moments count.

“Todd is a phenomenal communicator and an even better human. Todd is funny, insightful, and always gives couples applications they can actually apply. You will love having Todd for your event. Promise.”
—Ted Lowe, Founder of Married People


Engaging COuples

I speak to married couples at conferences, one-night events, and retreats around the country.

I love encouraging married people to start living a life together that they love by incorporating just a few key habits that will be game-changers in the day to day of life.  

Believe it or not, marriage really isn’t just hard work. God wants you to enjoy your spouse!

We know your marriage matters. These marriage events are designed to help make what matters, matter more, in a casual, fun and stress-free environment to get couples learning and laughing together again.


Engaging Parents

Parenting can be both the best and the toughest job all at the same time. Here’s the hope: God picked exactly the right parent for your kid when He gave them to you. That’s right—you’re better at parenting than you think.

Topics for parenting events & conferences include:

  • Connecting with your kid in today’s culture
  • Current trends & technology hacks
  • Confident parenting
  • Teaching healthy sexuality
  • And more

These events are designed for connecting parents to their kids, parents to other parents, and families to God’s bigger story for their lives.

I want to help you
make what matters matter more.